Sabrina Jalees

Sabrina Jalees is a comedian, actor, keynote speaker and writer based in New York City (Brooklyn.)

Since stepping onto the stage of (Toronto’s) Yuk Yuk’s amateur night at 16, she’s become one of the most recognizable faces in the Canadian media.

Lovers of comedy were immediately intrigued by the ½ -Pakistani, ½ -Swiss teen’s humor (…mostly because she was so damned clever (and admittedly, partially due to her moustache at the time).

She was soon skipping class to tour the country. Going on to record a CTV Comedy Now special, perform at the famed Just For Laughs Festival and break Mike Myers’ record as the youngest improviser ever hired by Second City.

Between now and then she’s crossed over into acting (CBS’s Flashpoint, Lifetime’s Mom at Sixteen), hosts a Canadian reality series (YTV’s In Real Life) as well as a national radio show (CBC’s Laugh Out Loud) and is best known for her rapier wit as a fixture of the most popular show on Canada’s version of MTV (Much Music’s Video On Trial).

Her confidence and ambition has been in the scope of several international publications (Cosmogirl, Marie Claire Italy, ABC’s Switched) and has led to the birth of a budding career in motivational speaking. Her comedy itself has caught glimpses of the globe, having toured North America, England and South Africa.

Cut to now. She’s completed her B.A. in Radio and Television Production. She’s moved to the U.S.  where she’s heavily booked touring colleges across the country. She’s turned some important heads (NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Logo’s Year End Revew, Animal Planet’s The A-List, MTV’s Failosophy) and she’s working on turning a few more (i.e. You).

Check her website out (…if you don’t like her you’re probably racist.

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