Sam Bloomstone

Standup Comedian in NYC, 3rd favorite son out of 3 sons. Looking to act in anything funny and currently have written a web series and a feature film. When can we open Comedy Clubs again? – @sbloomstone

Most common Quarantine Activity: 

Watching standup comedy and eating dumplings by myself with the door locked.

Favorite Quarantine show/movie: 

Pineapple Express & Seinfeld

Favorite Instagram accounts: 




anything standup

Favorite quarantine meal & drink: 

Dino Chicken Nuggets, Sweet Potato Fries, and an Oreo McFlurry while wearing sweatpants.

Most Questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently.. 

A casting director told me to lift up my shirt and show my abs on the next take. Pretty rude of her to assume I have abs during quarantine/ in general

First thing you’ll do once isolation is over… 

Getting pushed around in a crowded bar, shoulder to shoulder, as I order a $19 watered down vodka soda. Feels

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