Scott Baker


Scott Baker not only teaches Improv at the university level, he is performing his craft as half of the Comedy team of Isaacs and Baker.

By getting the audience involved with all aspects of the show Al Isaacs and Scott Baker make a theater filled with strangers feel like a living room with close friends! Everything from audience members shouting out suggestions, providing sound effects, or even playing a role right along on stage! Best of all it’s all in the name of fun without embarrassing or insulting any of the participants. It’s a unique interactive experience NOBODY will soon forget!

Al and Scott have spent years honing their craft and the result is a one of a kind experience that has audiences cheering. Their material is not only flexible to be age appropriate to the room, from family friendly to a ‘late night edge’, but can be customized for corporate or private shows to include event specific material!

“We judge acts by doors. A ’10 Door’ act would mean we had to open 10 doors during their show so people could leave. A ‘1 door’ or ‘2 door’ act would be signed immediately. You guys are a ‘0 door’ act!”
– Woodloch Resorts

With ISAACS & BAKER you don’t just watch the show, you’re a part of it. Their fast paced off the cuff show can be based entirely on the theme of your event or the vibe of the audience that night. The crowd give us the ideas and suggestions that we use on the spot, so there’s no predicting the punch line and no show is the same twice! It’s an evening filled with call backs and catch phrases that those in attendance ill be using for months or years to come!

If you like the hit show Who’s Line is It Anyway then you will LOVE Isaacs and Baker live interactive comedy show – 3 Chairs, 2 Guys, No Script!!!

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