Seann Cantatore

Seann Cantatore is an admitted oddball, songstress, and comedic actor with a unique knack for bringing people together. Her performances are rooted in kindness and universally appreciated the humor, which stands out to her audiences. Or at least that’s what they tell her. Are they lying? Oh gosh. Originally from White Plains, NY, and now based in New York City, Seann is a multi-faceted woman. No, seriously. Just ask the next paragraph.

Her performance career began as a musician and songwriter, with her original soul-pop band Flounder Warehouse, and as a solo vocalist and pianist. She has released two original albums, a single, and two music videos, and completed a solo tour from New York to Florida and back. While writing and performing music was a dream realized, Seann always felt the need to pursue comedy and acting.

She now performs various comedic forms in NYC, including cabaret, sketch comedy, stand up, and improv at venues including The Duplex, Broadway Comedy Club, The Producer’s Club, QED and the People’s Improv Theater. Just days before lockdown, Seann debuted her one woman show, Sawwwrry I’m Late!, that she wrote and stars in, and sold out the Magnet Theater. You can find her performing musical improv and absurd sketch comedy in her duo Bring Your Own Bob, featuring her and Nicole Pascaretta.

Seann is actively expanding to commercial, on-camera, and voice-overacting. She is currently developing a comedy web series, a new music album, and way too many TikToks. Her favorite hobby is being VERY KIND.

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