Seth Herzog Comedian

Seth Herzog has been performing stand up since the 5th grade talent show. After years of theater training throughout his youth, he came back to comedy upon moving to NY after college. He’s been performing downtown and in the clubs for the last 10 years, including producing popular weekly shows like “The Industry Room” and currently “Sweet”, which he recently brought to the Sundance Film Festival for several nights. Since ’04 he’s been a regular commentator for VH-1 for both “Best Week Ever” and the “All Access” series. He’s also invaded your televisions with appearances on Comedy Central shows “Chappelle’s Show” and “Stella”, as well as on CBS’ “Love Monkey”, E!’s “#1 Single”, AMC’s “Date Night” and did stand up on the old “Mark Wahlberg Talk Show”. You also may have seen him in the movies “Prime”, “The Ten”, “The Baxter”, “In the Weeds”, “Safe Men” and of course the documentary “Zog’s Place”.

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