Shayne Smith

Through his excellent storytelling and unique style, Shayne Smith is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about comedians on the scene. He most recently self-released a half-hour special “Alligator Boys” and previously released an hour-long special “Prison for Wizards” on YouTube and Facebook, which has amassed over 32 million views.

In his early twenties, Utah-native Shayne Smith was in the trenches of the punk movement and began his journey to becoming heavily tattooed. And like many collectors who commit to ink on their faces and throats, he soon encountered challenges pursuing steady employment. However, instead of opting to remove his most visible pieces to assimilate to the demands of customer service, Smith entered into the world of standup and hasn’t looked back since. We sat down with the “Prison For Wizards” comic to learn how being heavily tattooed pushed him into the world of comedy and how he wound up headlining the Utah laugh circuit.

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