Sunah Bilsted

Sunah Bilsted comedy

Raised on The Lower East Side of New York City, after surviving public school and actual seasons, Sunah Bilsted now resides in Los Angeles.

In addition to performing in clubs, bars and bedrooms all over town, she co-produces The C Word show every Thursday at 8 PM in The Belly Room of The World Famous Comedy Store.

She’s in post-production for a short film, #twitterkills, which she wrote and starred in, and she recently worked opposite Robin Williams on the feature film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, coming out soon/whenever it feels like it.

You’ve also seen her writing jokes for Playboy TV’s award winning show Foursome, in Hung on HBO, the dearly departed series Party Down, and in the film happythankyoumoreplease, winner of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award.

Sunah has also interrupted many of your favorite television programs trying to convince you to purchase a variety of very useful products and services.

As an alumna of IO West and the Upright Citizens Brigade, Sunah uses her extensive background in improv to bring a fresh, dynamic presence to the stand-up stage. Her comedy has been described as honest, provocative, personal, witty, and absurd. Oh, and also life changing.