The Bornsteins

The Bornsteins comedy

The Bornsteins, Jeff and Kimberly, have been featured on TV’s Master’s of Illusion and their show will astound you, but the most remarkable thing about them may be that they met on and maintained a long distance for two years before getting married. If they look happy it’s not an act, they’re soul mates. Kimberly credits her marriage with bringing her the kind of joy and inner peace that allowed her to fine tune her incredible powers of intuition. Jeff says, most women can read their husband’s mind, but my wife can read anyone’s mind!

Jeff worked as a comedian and Hollywood stuntman before he and Kimberly met. She’s small town girl from Oklahoma with an incredible intuitive gift who never dreamed she’d be performing for celebrities at Red Carpet Events or on stage for Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff is also an Army Veteran who’s toured with the USO and together, he and Kimberly regularly entertain US troops at home and overseas.

If your seeking a fun upbeat show that your guests will love, give Jeff and Kimberly a call. They’d love to hear from you!Twittersmall