Tom McTiernan

Tom McTiernan grew up in the suburbs of New York City in a large family and is one of eight siblings. Being a product of such a diverse culture and media driven city of like New York, It leads to many not explained queries. The adventure to find those answer has only lead to further questions. Tom can also be seen in the theater or Las Vegas opening for such celebrities as Tom Jones and Englebert. Tom has likewise been quickly becoming a popular comic on the corporate circuit, lead to a crisp viewpoint and smart wit. Still living in New York City, Tom can be spotted frequently at the best New York comedy clubs.  Following a current show, comedian actors Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller made a trip backstage to let Tom know they love his act that evening. Tom has again captured the eye of critics, and article piece in the New York Newsday calls Tom McTiernan “One of the Sharpest Comics in New York.” “He’s is very funny, Intelligent and good Natured.” Someone you’ll be hearing a lot about.”