Walter Reyes Tickets

Walter Reyes spent his youth growing up Salvadorian in a predominantly Mexican Southern Los Angeles. He was raised in a very small city called Cudahy, CA. From a very young age Walter was known as the class clown. He was always getting in trouble in school for not being able to shut his mouth as he was all too busy trying to make every moment a funny one. As a husky kid humor was his weapon but so was his ability to show off his smarts. He figured out at a very early age that humor entertains and being smart gets you respect. Walter never had a passion for “comedy” but what he had a passion for was hearing his friends, family and even strangers laugh. Laughter was his key to opening any door but being a comedian never crossed his mind. His childhood dream was to actually be a visual artist. In 1997 after graduating high school that’s exactly what he set out to become at Cal State Fullerton.

Orange County, CA was a culture shock for Walter but it was the most important chapter in his life. Growing up in South L.A. being exposed to other cultures and ethnicities was a rare occurrence for him. Cal State Fullerton changed all that literally overnight. Walter went from living in a rough 24 unit over populated apartment complex to living at the dorms of a respected university. In this dorm environment he shared living space with a Vietnamese and 4 Caucasians from all walks of life within themselves. This situation allowed him to balance his views, experiences and his outlook on life.  It was here when he realized that his humor had the power to connect with all walks of life not just his own.

In 2008 after years of working in customer service, sales, mortgages and even as a kettle korn cook, Walter found himself in the oddest job he had ever had. He was a tele-counselor for a men’s sexual health clinic. It was here where he developed a friendship with Joshua Mulder, the person that would unintentionally be responsible for the start of his stand-up comedy career. After being down and out due to string of bad luck Walter decided to attend Cerritos College to begin his music and acting career. Little did Walter know that one day he would find himself at an open mic (Wild Coyote in Montebello, CA) in support of his co-worker whom he had literally dragged to Cerritos College after seeing a stand-up comedy class being offered that same semester because Joshua had mentioned that stand-up was his dream job. That night in November of 2008 was the 1st time Walter hit the stage with nothing but 3 stories in his head and a drunken smile on his face. After hearing a crowd of about 40 people laughing at the words coming out of his mouth he was set on feeling that rush again and soon. May 4th 2009 Walter found himself on the Hollywood Improv stage with 200 people laughing at his jokes. It was never his intention to become a comic but he realized it was the one thing he had the most experience in…making people laugh.