Whitney Chanel Clark

Whitney Chanel Clark’s political correctness in comedy undoubtedly proved to be a hot-button topic in recent years; while many comedians watch what they say and avoid political and LGBTQ+ topics, Whitney Clark unabashedly walks right into it.

She’s been performing on popular New York stages for a few years now, and despite her common name (seriously, Google “Whitney Clark” and see how many results pop up), she differentiates herself from the crowd.

Clark will be the first to tell you: she’s a lesbian. She confidently saunters on the stage and uses her loud and lively personality to immediately proclaim it. She tenaciously, quickly, yet articulately delivers punch lines with the attitude of “getting things off of her chest.”

She doesn’t wait for the audience to laugh as she seamlessly delivers her next joke leaving the audience hinged on every word she says. It’s clear that she is confident in her comedy and just as bold off stage as she is on stage.

Clark uses her various communities and cultures as the base of her jokes and frequently reflects on her role within the black and LGBTQ+ communities (although she jokingly admits to “not being totally down with the T part” of that acronym).

Clark shamelessly and hilariously uses coarse verbiage to drive her points home, peppering her performance with words and phrases like “sloppy titties,” “batwing pussies,” and “trannies.” Her energetic delivery coupled with her straight-face, results in explosive laughter from the audience, rather than offensive gasps.

Clark’s resume continues to expand as she regularly performs across New York. If you’re searching for someone to tell it like it is and deliver the unadulterated truth, Whitney Clark is your gal.

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