COVID-19: Vaccine Key to NYC

Comedy Fans
Will be made aware of the policy when purchasing tickets on our website, confirming reservations over email or phone, and in their order confirmation email

City-mandated signs will be placed at the entrance and in the lobby

Proof of Vaccination- Patrons
Patrons will be required to show ID and proof of vaccination at the box office

IDs that will be accepted are:

State-issued driver’s license or non-driver ID


US or International Passport

As we are a 16+ establishment, all patrons must furnish one of these forms of ID. School IDs, Work IDs, or other non-government-issued ID’s will not be accepted

Proof of vaccination that will be accepted:

CDC Vaccination card (card, photo, or photocopy accepted)

NYC Vaccination card (card, photo, or photocopy accepted)

NY State Excelsior Pass


International vaccine record including full name, DOB, Vaccine administered, date and location of administration

Patrons Without Proper Proof of Vaccination
Patrons without proper proof of identification, as described above, must leave the premises within 10 minutes of their time of entry. No refund or transfer credit will be given to those who fail to meet the above requirements.

Patrons who do not meet the requirements above will be free from harassment or discrimination during the 10-minute window they are allowed to remain on-premises.

Any patron who does not meet the requirements above and refuses to leave the premises within this 10-minute window will be subject to action by Security and this may be escalated to the police. This does not constitute harassment and will be applied equally to all patrons.

Staff and Performers
All staff and performers will be vetted by Management prior to arriving on site

All staff and performers will carry proof of vaccination and ID as described above at all times while on the premises.

Vaccination Proof for Indoor Activities (Key to NYC)

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