“Dave Chappelle Comments Fuel Conspiracy Theories”

Semi-popular YouTube Channels like StrangerThanFiction have been fueled by out-of-context interviews and the patterns that conspiracy theorists seem to pull out of thin air to prove wild claims about how the world is run by shadowy organizations behind the scenes. With the slow decline of radio, as the medium loses listeners to on-demand services like Spotify and Apple’s Podcast service, radio stations like Chicago’s V103 have found that there’s a demo out there looking for intellectually questionable theories of how the world “really works”.

The trend of filling off-peak radio slots with low-cost conspiracy content, beginning with Coast to Coast AM in 1989, is now being expanded with iHeartRadio hosts like Chris Michaels creating shows like The Quiet Storm. A recent post by Chris Michaels claims that Hollywood has been exposed for what it really is: a culture run by the shadowy Illuminati – an organization that supposedly steeps itself in sexually perverse traditions includingthe emasculating of black men.

This hit our radar at BCT because one of our favorite comedians, Dave Chappelle, was singled out. The delusional post takes a powerful, raw interview of Dave shortly after his father passed away and turns it into “evidence” that the Illuminati control hollywood. When Chappelle talks about breaking away from the power brokers in Hollywood and finding his own more fulfilling path, both inside and outside the entertainment capital of the world, conspiracy theorists like Chris Michaels believe it is proof-positive that the Illuminati exist.

Seems like quite the stretch to me. Although, I’m curious to hear from our readers. So, do the Illuminati control our favorite actors and actresses, or are the conspiracy theorist grasping at straws? Let us know in the comments section below!

By James Lang

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