Written By Gary Miller

hannibal burress

“Oh that ain’t workin’ that’s the way you do it

Get your money for nothin’ get your chicks for free.”

-Dire Straits “Money For Nothin”

Before he was a professional comedian, Eddy Murphy worked part time as a shoe-store clerk. A majority of aspiring comedians work day jobs to pay bills while honing their craft. Sam Kinnison worked as a preacher before he got his start as a comedian. Some comedians are fortunate enough to make it a full-time job and look back at their early jobs with amusement. A few keep jobs their entire lives while doing comedy. Some comedians, like Hannibal Burress, get right back into the working force for our entertainment.

Hannibal Burress, known for the Eric Andre Show, Broad City, and his own show Why? With Hannibal Burress. Hannibal Burress recently posted a pilot that he made about working odd jobs. Unemployable has a premise similar to Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs.  The pilot was developed for Comedy Central.





Hannibal would work various jobs and deal with them in his unique manner. Fans of the Chicago comedian can see the predicaments he finds himself thrust into in the pilot, such as working on a goat farm and cooking pancakes. The diner proved to be a challenge as Hannibal finds out how, “being drunk” definitely helps. In the opening credits Hannibal is sitting in a public area reading tarot cards. He remarks, “You have an evil soul and you’ll never see a naked woman.”

Hannibal recently released this pilot, although it didn’t get picked up by a network the premise is still enjoyable. Personally, we’d like to see him continue to do some other jobs on his own free time.

Hannibal could be a ref for a high school basketball game, a substitute teacher for elementary school kids, or a bouncer for a bar on a college campus. At the very least a hot dog vendor would be interesting.

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Friday is always around the corner, keep earning that paycheck.