Hillary Clinton mocks Donald Trump during Saturday Night Live appearance

Hillary Clinton SNL


Written by Joseph Santiago

Hillary Clinton SNL

Saturday Night Live

The former first lady Hillary Clinton was featured on the season premiere of SNL, but not playing herself. The the current Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner played Val the bartender in a sketch comedy opposite resident SNL Clinton impersonator Kate McKinnon.

“I’m just an ordinary citizen who believes the Keystone Pipeline will destroy our environment,” Clinton as Val joked.

Hillary Clinton’s attempts to appear engaging for comedy, and also teased her transformation on issues like marriage equality. (“I could have supported it sooner,” McKinnon’s Clinton said to the real Clinton. “Well, you did it pretty soon,” responded Clinton.)

But the climax was Clinton’s enactment of Donald Trump: “Isn’t he the one that’s like, ‘Ehh, you’re all losers’?” Clinton said in an attempt at hitting the timbre of Trump’s voice.

Clinton’s SNL presence was spoiled by the New York Times on Thursday. The paper announced Clinton would be featured with McKinnon, but that the comedy sketch was set for the show’s open. That didn’t happen: Taran Killam’s Donald Trump impression started the show off, while Clinton appear during the first 30 minutes.

This was Clinton’s 2nd appearance on Saturday Night Live. She last performed in a sketch during a 2008 episode when Amy Poehler was the cast member tasked with imitating the politician.