Written by: Joseph Santiago

Larry Beyah
1. What other jobs did Larry Beyah do before starting stand up comedy? I was in the U.S. Air Force and Acting before I started doing Stand Up Comedy
2. How did you know you wanted to be a comedian? I have been a hilarious comedian since I was a toddler everywhere all day every day. I held court with my family and friends. Then I saw comedians and listened to comedy performances and began focusing on the craft and profession.
3. If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing? If I wasn’t doing stand up comedy I would be performing in theater, television & films.?
4. Where are some of your favorite places to perform? Some of my favorite places to perform are Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and The improve
5. Who are some of your favorite up-and-comers in the comedy world? All of the “Up and Comers” ? are my favorites because I know the process and I applaud every input.
6. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten? One of the best advise I was given is to stop cursing ?
7. When did you feel like you were a pro comedian? I felt like a pro comedian when I started getting paid and the audiences started telling me I was their favorite and wanted to see me again.
8. How often do Larry Beyah perform comedy per week? I perform comedy 6-7 times per week.
9. What are your favorite comedy clubs that you perform at? Gotham Comedy Club and The Borgata
10. How do you deal with hecklers? I usually have a spectacular time with hecklers because they are fun and give me something to play off of that’s funnier than what they said.
11. What advice would you give your younger self? Do more comedy
12. How would you describe your brand of comedy? A hysterical symphony of thoughts
13. What do you talk about in your act? Examples of what I talk about is me, human nature, the audience, relationship battles, being the military
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