Jimmy Fallon

What’s not to love when it comes to this year’s presidential election cycle? You’ve got an outright socialist who looks like your crazy uncle who managed to escape from the nursing home again (Bernie Sanders). You have the potential for a Bush vs. Clinton presidential face-off (hello, the 1990’s called and they want their politics back). Then you’ve got a zealous New York property developer, who probably needs a permit for his toupee before heading out in public (Donald Trump).

Donald Trump leads Republican National Polls

Yes, that’s right. In case you’ve had your head in the sand for the past few weeks, Donald Trump is running. No, those ads weren’t for NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, it’s real. The Donald has come to save the day.

Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic candidate for 2016, can’t seem to get her act together. The “political dream team” that she’s been crafting for years hasn’t managed to light the country on fire with her recycled speeches from last campaign cycle. It doesn’t help that her time as Secretary of State turned into a record the Republicans could sink their teeth into.

Jimmy Fallon sets the Stage for the Republican Presidential Debates

But, before you go quitting on politics and retreating back into your favorite Starbucks, Jimmy Fallon gives us some reasons to tune into the Presidential debate today on Fox News.

Jimmy Fallon Predicts the Winner of the Republican Primary Debate…

As Jimmy has been so apt to do, he saves the best of his Pros/Cons for last. He boldly makes a prediction as to which presidential candidate will emerge as the winner of tonight’s Republican Primary Debate. Hillary Clinton? Yep, while Jimmy uses the Democratic nominee as the punchline from his joke, he may not be too far off from reality.

Many in political circles have been shocked by Trump’s rise to the top of the pack. Furthermore, his ability to maintain his lead in the crowded pack of GOP contender is both awe-inspiring, and depressing (depending on your perspective). The question is, is Trump a viable candidate. While Best Comedy Tickets will only poke fun at, and comment on Jimmy’s points about comedy, we all are looking forward to tonight’s debate.

We’ll pop some popcorn, send out some BYOB style invites, and get ready for what is sure to be an absolute circus. Maybe, as Jimmy suggests, we’ll even figure out who’s name sounds more like an American Girl Doll: Lindsey Graham or Carly Fiorina?