kenan thompson Recently, TMZ reported that Saturday Night Live’s 40th season would be the last one  for cast part Kenan Thompson. All the more particularly, it was uncovered that his  plans were to leave after last season, however he chose to stay around Studio 8h at the  solicitation of official maker Lorne Michaels. As of right now, 36 year old Kenan Thompson  has been on the demonstrate the longest out of everybody in today’s thrown (joining in  2003) and he likewise holds the record for longest-running African American  cast member.

 Luckily for every one of you Thompson aficionados out there, Saturday Night Live has  affirmed that TMZ’s notice is mistaken. A representative for the show expressed, “The  season has not by any means begun and thrown choices are not made until the end of  the season.” So does this mean he is certainly remaining? No. Does this mean he is  without a doubt clearing out? No. This apparently implies that no one comprehends  what is going to happen until later not far off this season.

 You can see Thompson, alongside newcomers Michael Che and Pete Davidson, and also  whatever remains of the cast, on NBC this Saturday (September 27th) at 11:30 p.m.  (EST) for the show’s debut. The host is Chris Pratt with Ariana Grande as a musical visitor and you won’t have any desire to miss it.