Netflix Special Pete Davidson Alive From New York Promises Gay Jokes


By Joseph Santiago

February 22, 2020

Pete Davidson would like to tell you about his many gay friends. At least, this is how the trailer for his first Netflix comedy special opens.

While it might be too soon to tell if the one hour special will be made up entirely of gay jokes, this positioning seems to be a double down on Davidson’s brand of juvenile jokes about the male sex organ wrapped in a tattooed millennial facade.

Netflix recently released the first official trailer for “Pete Davidson: Alive From New York, which, besides being an obvious reference to “SNL,” seems titled mainly as a reminder to the audiences that Davidson or at least his career is very much alive.

Netflix claims “Alive From New York,” will be a “candid and intimate comedy special for a comedian that is known for his raw and straight-to-the-point anecdotes which seek to give the audience more than they asked for. Such vagueness may appeal to the whole endeavor, but was anybody asking for a Pete Davidson comedy special in the first place?

Davidson rose to fame when he featured on “ Saturday Night Live” in 2014. At 20, he joined the NBC sketch show, where he became the youngest cast member ever.

However, his comedic talents were soon overshadowed by high-profile relationships with pop singer Ariana Grande, actress Kate Beckinsale, and Kaya Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, all of which helped shoot him into international superstardom.

Davidson hopes with this special, he can capitalize on his newfound name recognition to repackage himself as a comedian first and foremost.

The special drops at just the right time, as Davidson prepares for the March release of “Big Time Adolescence,” a comedy that premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and received rave reviews.

The comedy, which was written and directed by Jason Orley in his feature debut, tells the story of a suburban teenager who becomes influenced by an aimless college dropout, played by Davidson.