Written by: Joseph Santiago

Jim Gaffigan New York Comedy Club East villageExcuse me, do you like live comedy? Well, fantastic news! Check out the New York Comedy Club Moves into East Village NYC!

The EastVille Comedy Club— top-notch NYC comedy club frequented by Janeane Garofalo and other downtown comics– picked up and moved to Brooklyn in July 2018, leaving its home of 8 years vacant.

Lucky for the East Village, the subterranean space at 85 East 4th Street was quickly taken over by the New York Comedy Club, which gave it a quick touch-up.

It looks like Jim Gaffigan and Todd Barry, who routinely dropped into EastVille Comedy Club, have dropped into its own replacement. They have had some of NYC top comics such as Sherrod Small (VH1’s The Very Best Week Ever and Opie with Jim Norton) also as Last Comic Standing alums Yamaneika Saunders, Jon Fisch, along with Adrienne Iapalucci.

As for the interior decoration, the somewhat goofy faux-subway-station motif that functioned as a backdrop for Eastville’s little stage was replaced by a classic, Comedy Cellar-esque brick wall, and LED trimming makes the little showroom a little sexier. There is still a little bar in the front room.

Ticket costs for announced shows range from $19 to $39, using a standard two-drink minimal. Though most lineups haven’t yet been revealed, the description for the Aug. 31 “weekend kickoff show”name-drops regulars like Judah Friedlander, Jena Friedman, Josh Gondelman, Todd Barry, Christian Finnegan, Ari Shaffir, Jay Oakerson, Jon Laster, Corinne Fisher, and other.

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New York Comedy Club 24th Street Midtown Location

New York Comedy Club 4th Street East Village Location

Written by Joseph Santiago