Written by: Joseph Santiago

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New York City: It’s finally time to laugh your mask off, well, not literally. You still have to wear a mask, but when you are drinking your beverage or having food is not needed. We are excited to announce that NYC Comedy Clubs are reopening have a mandatory covid shutdown.

The founder of Emilio Savone, “I’m mostly very excited and relieved because our staff has been waiting for this; the comedy community has been waiting for this,” he said.

New York state guidelines allow comedy clubs, music venues, and theaters to reopen this Friday at only thirty-three percent of its total capacity.

The rule that no more than 100 people are allowed to be in an indoor venue and no more than 200 people for a show that is outdoors. The only exception is if everyone can prove they have recent proof of a negative COVID test. The total capacity then rises to 150 people indoors and 500 people outdoors.

Masks rules (must cover both nose and mouth) are required at all times when indoors. This rule includes but is not limited to check-in and seating, while seated if not actively eating or drinking, for access to the bathrooms, and during exit from the showroom. Non-compliance will result in removal from the premises without a refund.

All parties will have social distancing, in addition to masks, is required.

All the New York Comedy Clubs will have spaced-out tables, they have installed special air filters, and purchased thermometers for temperature checks.

“The number one priority of our security is to make sure people are abiding by the rules,” said Savone.

The past year destroyed the entertainment industry, as the covid pandemic forced performing spaces to close.

Many of the NYC Comedy Clubs hosted shows on rooftops, in NYC subways, in parks to make sure to keep comedians working and plans to continue moving forward.

However, some entertainment venues are planning not to reopen this weekend, saying it doesn’t make sense financially with the limited restrictions. 

Besides the reopening of the business, there’s another reason Savone said it was essential to get comedians back performing on the stage.

“I think more than ever people need that release,” he explained. “People have been so stressed out and so tense. Stand up comedians are gonna be able to give a whole new perspective on what’s been going on, and I just think it’s just gonna make everything, I think coming to a comedy club and being able to just laugh and enjoy yourself in a way that people haven’t in the last year, is just gonna be cathartic for the soul.”

And that’s no joke.

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