Written by Joseph Santiago
Entertainment Editor, Best Comedy Tickets

trevor noah

Trevor Noah is currently one of the hardest working comedians in the stand up comedy world. He recently performed at the Dubai Comedy Festival in Sky Dive Dubai.

He recently took over the hot seat of former host Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. It’s a tough role to to handle as it’s a grueling schedule. He has to perform five nights per week. The South African comedian happens to maintain a very successful stand up career on the side, as he jet sets around the globe on the weekends to perform his stand up shows at these sold out comedy venues. We sat down and spoke with a well known source at the Dubai Comedy Festival. He said the talented 31 year old comedian just flew six hours before his schedule performance.

Noah being a true professional he showed no sign of being tired from jet lag. The entertainer was charismatic, charming though he lacked a comedic punch . He’s a frequently performs in the UAE, Noah started his set with some good material, with successful observations that he has notice about life in Dubai, from the rowdy brunches to having conversations with the fast moving cab drivers. He talked about “I love going in Dubai taxis, Noah, laughed “Because I just don’t know whether I would be alive to pay the bill at the end”

His stand up material wasn’t very unique, but the South African comedian pulled off impersonations with Russian, Arabic accents that went over well with the sold out crowd at the Dubai Comedy Festival.

It’s unfortunate, while his jokes landed at times and the laughter came often, most of his material lacked what was needed to resonate with the UAE crowd. Noah is definitely a brand new star and see him being very successful on The Daily Show. He does have some big shoes to fill of his much loved predecessors of Jon Stewart. We are very confident that he will be able to bring his own style and continue to make the Daily Show a success.

Noah best illustration was a comedy piece that centered on the trial of Olympian Star Oscar Pistorius from South Africa. He talked about the tragic incident in which Mr Pistorius was convicted for shooting his girlfriend Reeva Sleenkamp in there home.

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