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St. Marks Comedy Club in the East Village

St. Marks Comedy Club is a speakeasy performance venue by the same folks who brought you Vegan Food Court and V-Spot in partnership with Ron Barba.

St. Marks Comedy Club is located in the backroom of The Vegan Food Court, in the heart of East Village in New York City.

NYC is the mecca of stand up comedy. St. Marks Comedy Club is one of New York’s latest comedy clubs delivering the best laughs. On any given night, you can see some of the world’s famous comedians. Some of these celeb comedians have been on Netflix, Comedy Central, Daily Show, movies, and everywhere extraordinary comedy is. At St. Marks Comedy Club, you just never know who you will see or who will just do a celebrity guest drop by. read more

Interview Alex Carabaño at The New York Comedy Club in East Village


1. What other jobs did Alex Carabaño do before starting stand up comedy?
Man, I worked a lot of random jobs from late-night shifts at The Home Depot to the shady cell phone hookups at RadioShack to graphic design photoshopping to packing boxes in a warehouse deep in Elizabeth, NJ. All were perfectly terrible places to prepare me for the emotional roller coaster that is stand up comedy. ? I actually still have a career, before I even started performing, my brother & I opened a Latin vegan restaurant almost 13 years ago in Brooklyn. We are working with one of our restaurants at some point every single day. read more