All About St. Marks Comedy Club in the East Village I NYC Comedy Clubs

St. Marks Comedy Club in the East Village

St. Marks Comedy Club is a speakeasy performance venue by the same folks who brought you Vegan Food Court and V-Spot in partnership with Ron Barba.

St. Marks Comedy Club is located in the backroom of The Vegan Food Court, in the heart of East Village in New York City.

NYC is the mecca of stand up comedy. St. Marks Comedy Club is one of New York’s latest comedy clubs delivering the best laughs. On any given night, you can see some of the world’s famous comedians. Some of these celeb comedians have been on Netflix, Comedy Central, Daily Show, movies, and everywhere extraordinary comedy is. At St. Marks Comedy Club, you just never know who you will see or who will just do a celebrity guest drop by. read more

Stand Up Comedian Finds Boyfriend Cheating After He Murders His Other Chick’s Ex

Ayanna Dookie

I found out my current boyfriend was cheating on me when he was charged with MURDER: A Brooklyn stand up comedian Ayanna Dookie discovered her boyfriend infidelity ways when he was arrested by the NYPD for killing other woman’s ex.

Ayanna DookieShe found out her boyfriend had been cheating on her after searching online and read he’s been arrested for murder.

The 33 year old stand up comedian Ayanna Dookie acknowledge the bitter truth regarding her boyfriend to the New YOrk Post.

“He was the boyfriend I’d been carving for years,” Dookie said.

The brooklyn comic told the New York Post a lady spoke to her at a party about one year ago about his infidelity and the Ms. Dookie brushed the comment off.

Though eventually the truth came out in April 2008, Dookie told the newspaper, her friend inspired her to google her boyfriend’s actual name. read more