Bill Burr Slams Conor McGregor in Podcast

bill burr vs conor mcgregor
conor mcgregor vs chad mendesWhat do you do when someone who looks  like you takes the ring in the main event at  UFC 189? Probably call him a freckled cu*t…

Fans of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning  podcast  will know that Bill doesn’t mind punching  above his weight. This week on his podcast,  Bill Burr let the punches fly in his   commentary on the Conor McGregor vs Chad  Mendes UFC fight. Right from the beginning,  Bill calls out McGregor (a fellow pale-faced  red-head) for talking trash and padding his ego in the ring.

But beyond the commentary on McGregor’s trash-talking, Burr lets loose on McGregor’s physical appearance: comparing him to the Burger King mascot, and the leprechaun on Lucky Charms cereal boxes. Strong words from a man who could easily be painted with the same brush, and even more easily be knocked out by either fighter. read more