Black Friday Sales – Comedy Shows in NYC

black friday

Black Friday NYC Comedy Ticket Deals Save 25% off on Thanksgiving week shows

Black Friday Sale

Once the tryptophan wears off from stuffing our patriotic faces with delicious turkey and gravy, shoppers are ready to hit the streets for the biggest holiday sales.

For many stores it’s just another marketing strategy to create opportunity as Back Friday is officially here. As for the customers its a perfect chance to grab the best deals right before the Christmas holiday. It’s crazy madness with huge sales all over the country and in England.

Best Comedy Tickets has now decided to catch up with the Black Friday frenzy and offer some amazing discount on live stand up comedy for our New York City comedy shows. read more

Comic Strip Live

comic strip live Comic Strip Live is a place where dreams and futures are born. It’s location in New York City makes it perfect for people who are seeking an authentic and local comedy performance. Since the Comic Strip Live Comedy Club is not located in the absolute heart of Times Square you get a much more local, off the beaten path experience.

Many celebrity comedy stars began their careers at the Comic Strip Live.

Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Ben Bailey, Gilbert Gottfried and many more! read more