Christian Finnegan Interview

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by Hannah Chusid

Christian Finnegan Comedian
I’m sitting at my desk at around noon on a Friday morning, Skyping with comedian Christian Finnegan. He has been featured on Comedy Central and on the show Are We There Yet?.

Hannah Chusid: Here I am sitting with Christian Finnegan on Skype. How are you?
Christian Finnegan: Just swell, thanks…just smashing. Just one moment of bliss after another.

HC: It’s great because we actually do have a mutual friend [my college professor], Stephen Gardner.

CF: Oh yeah, that’s right. I know him as “Cheeky” of course. He’s sort of like Dudley Moore and Arthur—only more drunk. That’s not true—he’s your teacher. He’s a very upstanding, very professional, educator of the young minds. read more