Dustin Chafin Interview

Dustin Chafin comedian

By Leo GoodmanDustin Chaffin Comedian

Not everybody in New York City can rock a cowboy hat but those who do rock it hard. If you’ve seen one in a comedy club, chances are you were looking at Dustin Chafin. The Texan-turned-New Yorker has been making his presence felt at clubs throughout the city and throughout the world for years. He appeared in Showtime’s White Boys in the Hood, won “Best of Fest,” in the Chicago and Las Vegas Comedy Festivals, traveled with USO tours, been a contributing writer to Chappele’s Show and the Chris Rock Show, to name a couple, and produces the Stand-up 360 Festival here in New York (which starts this week, by the way, go check out http://www.standup360comedyfestival.com/). He’s also taken on a mentoring role to a number of young comics, having a great talent in helping others find their own personal funny. read more