Interview with Stand Up Comedian Kevin Gootee

Kevin Gootee

Written by Laura High

Interview with Kevin Gootee, creator of ‘Comics Watching Comics’

The Entertainment Industry is going through an enormous change because of the internet. We are now in the age of creating your own content. Anyone, seriously anyone, can film a movie/web series/sketch/or just a small Vine video and gain a tremendous following. I interviewed one comic, Kevin Gootee, who is going down that path. He just released his first episode of his series called ‘Comics Watching Comics.’ The show has a panel of veteran comics critiquing intermediate comics. Then the panelists vote on the comic who they liked the best to get a featured spot in one of New York’s top comedy clubs. Not to mention, the audience plays along by voting on twitter for their favorite panelist. The winning panelist gets to return to the show the following week read more