The Benefits of Comedy

laughter best medicine

Melissa Mandulis

Written by Melissa Mandulis

Laughter is the Best Medicine – Benefits of Comedy Shows

laughter best medicine

Comedy is a very important part of human life has it has infinite benefits. However, the benefits of comedy itself are not much as most of its benefits come from laughs that come with it. Since the most important element of comedy is laughter, the benefits of regular laughter cannot be separated from comedy. Comedy tickets always sell like hot cake because of the numerous importance of laughter.

While a few people believe that you can develop yourself to be a comedian, most people believe comedy is inborn. Comedians are born like that. Both beliefs are right as we have both categories of comedians making waves right now. The only difference is that comedians with natural talents do not usually prepare for any event as they can create humor out of every situation while comedians without natural talents prepare and even rehearse several times before they go for events. read more