Michael Che Grew Up in NYC Projects. Now He is Trying to Assist Them.

Michael Che comedy cellar

Michael Che comedy cellarSaturday Night Live cast member Michael Che has decided to weigh in on New York City’s public housing crisis by coordinating a comedy benefit show this Friday, where he’ll play Michelle Wolf and a”secret lineup of comics.” The 35-year-old comic, who went from selling his own T-shirt designs on the street to instructing himself stand-up humor, frequently jokes about gentrification, racism, and other issues plaguing the city.

Che grew up in the New York’s public housing system on the lower east side of Manhattan, where he passed time in places such as the Alfred Smith Houses, which had some of the highest crime rates in the 80s. Decades of overlooked deterioration in public housing has piled up into an estimated $32 billion in repairs, and the town is facing the possibility of a federal government takeover at the end of the month. read more