Finest Standup Specials To Stream On Netflix

Dave Chappelle Netflix

Dave Chappelle Netflix

Netflix has really been doubling down on the content of All Kinds recently. From Cartoon to stand up, it seems like there is nothing Netflix is not inclined to throw money at. While all this new content serves its own purpose and keeps us tuned in, it can be tough to find exactly what you’re looking for. With that said, we have taken the time that the amass some of the greatest standup specials on Netflix, so you don’t need to spend another 4 decades looking for something to watch. Let us go ahead and dive into to find out what a few of the funniest comedians on Netflix need to offer you. read more


comedian vs heckler

Written by Cate Misczuk I August 17, 2015

“You wana know where I got my boots? They’re at the corner of: you can’t afford them and stop talking to me”. -Amy Schumer

Participation is zero percent of your grade at stand up shows. Heckling could even get you scolded, or the but of a new joke by the comedian themselves. But hecklers don’t just target the new guys, even the comedy greats have had to handle them — so put together a compilation of some of the best heckling reactions for our own amusement. read more