Interview with Richard Tienken The Owner of World Famous Comic Strip Live

judah friedlander, Richard Tienken

By: Laura High
March, 3rd 2016

Richard Tienken

I just started stand up comedy and had no clue what to do. One comic suggested I audition for Late Night at Comic Strip Live. Comic Strip is the oldest comedy club in New York. I had seen performances there when I was a teenager. I was terrified because this was going to be the seventh time I had ever performed stand up. I got there and found out that there was a panel of judges who will ‘roast’ each of us and let us know if we pass (get hired) in front of a packed room. My heart went in my throat. I went up, and miraculously did well. I had no expectations. One of the judges asked how long I had I been doing stand up, I said this was my seventh performance. Then Richie said, “You’re passed.” I’ve been working on jokes there ever since. read more