Al Martin Interview


By Leo Goodman

Al Martin - Broadway Comedy Club

If you’re on this site then you already know New York has some pretty damn good comedy clubs.  What you might not know is that three of them are owned by one guy.

Over the past couple decades Al Martin has developed himself into a one-man comedy industry, with New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and now Greenwich Village Comedy Club providing audiences with stand-up shows and more seven nights a week.  It’s even more than you realize, once you consider that Broadway Comedy Club itself has three different stages, each of them with shows every night.  Sitting in the comic’s lounge area just off the main room downstairs at Broadway, with the sounds an audience’s laughter just on the other side of the wall, the comedian-turned club owner talks about telling jokes, booking jokesters, and just how much comedy a city like New York can sustain. read more