Contagious Comedy

Contagious Comedy

Thursday, November 14, 2019, 7:30 pm (doors open at 7 PM)
Stand Up NY 236 West 78th Street (at Broadway)


Written by: Joseph Santiago

Contagious Comedy presents its continued series of unstoppable laughter, featuring an A-list lineup including 8 top NYC comedians: Emcee – Kerri Louise (Showtime), Steven Scott (Comedy Central), Wali Collins (The Late Show), Sheba Mason (CBS This Morning), Ryan Reiss (Seth Meyers), James Altucher (James Altucher Show), Greg Cantwell (MTV) and Nicholle Kun (Producer). Don’t miss this fun contagious night of comedy! For Tickets go to  

About Contagious Comedy Productions
Contagious Comedy Productions is a one of a kind production company. We do everything from charity fundraising to corporate company events. Purpose and meaning have always been an important part of Contagious Comedy. Our first show was in Columbus, Ohio, at the Funny Bone Comedy Club where we raised over $30,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Contagious Comedy has supported multiple charities in New York, New Jersey and Ohio- WIN (Women In Need) & NYC PetTails, Hawthorne Caballeros, and also the Ronald McDonald House in Ohio. With the shows in New York, New Jersey, and Ohio – close to a thousand people combined in attendance, Contagious Comedy Productions has raised over $60,000 (cash + media exposure) for all charities mentioned above.

About the Founder
Nicholle Kun is the Founder of Contagious Comedy and has produced shows at top NYC comedy clubs, such as The Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club, and now Stand Up NY. She also is a member and has produced shows at the world-renowned Friar’s Club.

I want to make people laugh and enjoy themselves! I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio and there was not a lot going on in the comedy scene. There were only one or two comedy clubs, and I remember how the comedian would make the whole audience burst into laughter. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to do comedy and to start my own production company!

My goal is to make Contagious Comedy’s a national brand that when you say the name, people light up and immediately recognize it. I would love to have a comedy special on HBO or Netflix. I am trying to think bigger, take my career to a higher level, and bring laughter to more people.

Laughter is so powerful, it is healing! We are so stressed in our everyday lives and there is so much negativity. In comedy, it is powerful to turn the negativity into positivity using humor and have everyone join in with you.

Being real makes people laugh. My goal is to “infect” everyone with Contagious Comedy. Contagious Comedy’s tagline is “You’ll want to catch it.” If we can spread the laughter to people who are having a horrible day and put a smile on their faces at the end, that would be mission accomplished for the company.

We do everything from fundraisers, roasts, corporate parties, birthdays, weddings, etc…You name it – we’ll make it happen!  


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