Written by Josh Rosen I August 18, 2015

the fat jew


‘The Fat Jew’ Josh Ostrovsky gets roasted on social media for stealing comedians jokes

And so it is upon us, the day where social media actually does something good. Josh Ostrovsky, AKA “The Fat Jew” has been absolutely demoralized the past couple of days on social media for stealing jokes online and taking credit for them. Ostrovksy, a 30 year old Jewish man who grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan, has been one of the largest instagram and twitter personalities on the planet due to his funny pictures, memes and gifs. Now it is coming to fruition that his content is merely regurgitated form other funny comics, and he is now paying the price for it. Comedy Central has announced they dropped their deal with him after half the internet chastised him for stealing. Seamless soon followed Comedy Central by stating that they have no further plans to work with him.

What really seems to be the most annoying part of this is the fact that there is another account exactly like the Fat Jew, who is getting no slack. Fuck Jerry, an Instagram account that does exactly what Ostrovsky was doing, remains untouched by the Internet world, continuing to post others content without crediting them. Sure, he credits them when someone posts on it and says, “dude that was my post.” But besides that, he gives people less credit for their jokes than Carlos Mencia. If we are going to destroy one person’s reputation, we cannot be hypocritical and allow another to flourish.

Due to how new it is, the legal ramifications of social media posts are still undefined,. And as social media becomes a more vital comedic medium, we should begin to implement rules in regards to content sharing. If The Fat Jewish was to give credit to the people who originally posted his content, none of this would be happening. He would be considered an enjoyable compilation of funny posts. He could have have been a unique centralized account that posted funny content and brought the hard working comedians into the spotlight. Rather, he stole, took credit for their jokes, and is now falling from the top as quickly as he got there. Fuck Jerry, look out, no joke stealing account is safe.