Written by Joseph Santiago

jerry seinfeld

The List has never included a single female comedian.

Year after year Forbes.com makes a list of the world’s highest paid stand up comedians. And although our love and devotion towards funny female comedians, the list never features a female comedian.

Jerry Seinfeld — current net worth an estimated $820 million in 2014 — He tops this 2015 highest paid comedian list, having earned $36 million between June 1, 2014 and June 1, 2015. Kevin Hart comes in second place with $28.5 million, followed by Terry Fator, who earned estimate $21.5 million.

In a sense, it’s not at all shocking. The Forbes list requires comedians to earn their primary source of income through comedy ticket sales. Amy Schumer, for one, made more motion picture and TV deals this past year. The stand-up business has been mostly controlled by men.

However the magazine writes that only three females have won the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album and this dates back since 1959: Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin.

Also, they’re just Forbes best estimates.

The Forbes Highest-Paid Comedians of 2014-2015?

  1. Jerry Seinfeld, $36 million (Seinfeld rebroadcast deals, touring)
  2. Kevin Hart, $28.5 million (stand-up touring, movies)
  3. Terry Fator, $21.5 million (Las Vegas residency)
  4. Jeff Dunham, $19 million (touring, Las Vegas residency)
  5. Russell Peters, $19 million (touring, Last Comic Standing)
  6. Aziz Ansari, $9.5 million (Modern Romance book, touring, Parks and Rec)
  7. Louis C.K., $9 million (touring, Louie)
  8. Gabriel Iglesias, $8.5 million (touring, The Fluffy Movie, Magic Mike XXL)
  9. John Bishop, $8 million (BBC special, John Bishop’s Australia)
  10. Dave Chappelle, $7.5 million (touring)