Tracy Morgan has a new SNL promos. and says “I feel good,” “Doctor said I’m now 100% Ebola-free,” the comic explains.

Yep, Tracy Morgan’s Is back! He bringing the funny to Saturday Night Live this weekend.

After almost losing his life and enduring a traumatic brain injury in a 2014 car accident. While coming back from a comedy show in Delaware. He was in a limo with fellow comedians Ardie Fuqua and Harris Stanton injured, “Jimmy Mack” killed in fatal car accident on New Jersey Turnpike.

Morgan looks to be getting back into his comedic self. In this promo he believe it’s an actual live show.  He’s can be seen flirting with musical guest star Demi Lovato. The 23 year old former disney star turned pop star.

The comedian is hosting SNL this weekend with musical guest Lovato.

ICYMI, here are more promos for his hosting gig: