Written by: Joseph Santiago

Most people don’t think that going to a weigh station is funny. No one wants to be weighed after all! But at the Way Station, you can hear some good jokes.

On Wednesday, May 29th at 8 PM come and see some deleterious comedy at the Way Station in Prospect Heights. Once you find your way there, it will be hard to station yourself to the seats as you will laughing so hard. You won’t have to wait that long to laugh. The lineup that night features a field of superb comics. Ben Pernick, a veteran comic, has an album, Bad Jew Jew.

He successfully incorporates music into his comedy and his puns are as clever as Einstein. Matt Dittus has quickly climbed the comedy ladder and makes depression and Aspergers seem as funny as bugs. His honest twisted humor will leave you thirsty for more. He has a keen understanding of today’s challenges and that will be obvious in his act. James Mac is a veteran in the comedy scene and runs all kinds of contests.

Who knew you had to be serious about being funny? James Mac looks like an Irish kilt/step dancer. Alex Starr is an Enrique Iglesias look-alike who somehow made it here from Washington DC.  Alex Starr is able to make the grave, crazy city of NY seem like a hoot. After hearing him, you won’t feel so bad anymore about being cramped on the subway. Starr is absolutely a star. Jake Timothy, is a rising star in comedy.

Let’s face it, no one wants to wait in the vet’s office. But Jake Timothy has stories for the ages on the waiting room at the vet’s office that will cause anyone to laugh their tail off.  Tracey McClendon is a solid performer, her jokes on hooters and cock and all things in between really make you think. Esther Forrester, the producer of the show, is simply a hysterical human being. Every day, she feels like she has two left feet as she tries to haul tennis equipment through turnstiles.

Hence how she came up with the name, Two Left Feet Comedy. She first knew that she was destined for the stage when her rent about subway delays and the presidential candidates got applause on the subway. From subway announcements to dating apps to new technology, Esther knows how to work a room and gives it her all every time. The production has some extra super fun, special elements to it.

After the comics have all done their sets, they will then do a pleading campaign where they try to convince you that they are the best comic and should win the prize. Who knows what stunts the comics may try to persuade you that they are honors worthy?

Perhaps they may even be accepting bribes or perhaps they may do something naughty. After they do their persuading, it’s now up to you to decide which one deserves the mystery prize, so the power is in your hands to support the one who was most compelling to you. It’s almost as if you are the judges of a comedy pageant.

So does this sound exciting or what? So don’t forget here are the details. Wednesday 5/29 at 8 PM at the Way Station in Prospect Heights. $15 if you buy in advance and $20 if you buy at the door. 2 drink minimum. Click on this link to buy tickets.