USA Terms of Purchase

Best Comedy Tickets – USA Terms of Purchase

Best Comedy Tickets is a service that provides tickets to different events. We are not responsible for any unforeseen circumstances because we don’t operate the events. Be sure to carefully read our Terms and Conditions because it serves as an agreement between Best Comedy Tickets and you. You agree to the privacy policy and purchase terms when you complete your transaction. Do not hesitate to contact the event producer for their refund policies and terms of purchase. If there’s a contradiction between this Terms of Purchase and the Producer/Promoter terms and conditions, the latter’s terms shall hold more ground.

  • You cannot request a refund after purchase, except if there’s a change in the event schedule or cancelation of the event. All talent and venues are subject to change, and if there’s a change in the event schedule or a cancelation, you’ll receive a face-value refund. Nonrefundable fees include fulfillment, shipping, processing, transaction, service, and booking fees.
  • Checking whether the event is rescheduled is the customer’s responsibility. Best Comedy Tickets cannot guarantee that the Producer/Promoter will inform customers of time, venue, talent, or date changes.
  • Refunds for rescheduled or canceled events are not processed automatically.
  • If the event were rescheduled or canceled, all tickets purchased from retail outlets would be refunded at the same retail outlet.
  • Refund Process – To initiate a refund, customers should contact the Producer/Promoter based on the applicable refund policy. If you can’t find their contact, you can contact us, and we will help you facilitate the process.
  • Please note that if an event is rescheduled or canceled, Best Comedy Tickets is not responsible for other incurred expenses like accommodation, travel, and other related services. We are not liable for these expenses and won’t offer compensation or refund.

Refund Review

All sales final. Tickets are non-refundable.
A Standard Two Drink Minimum Per Person.
Ages 16 and up only
Individual comedian appearances subject to change without notice
For groups of 9+, please email
Seating will be according to on-time check-in by groups as purchased. We cannot guarantee that larger parties will be seated together or that tickets purchased separately can be combined at larger tables.
Walk up cover is higher than the online presale price.
Additional health and safety protocols may apply based on updated state guidelines.
NY State Tax (8.875%) additional ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Specific to Payment Plan Orders

You must pay payment plan tickets in full for your ticket to be valid. You can cancel payment plans at any time, but it must be concerning the purchase terms. We don’t offer refunds for partially or fully paid tickets. If there’s a cancellation or non-payment, you’ll have to forfeit deposited funds to the event’s producer. Be sure to check the details of your order carefully before checking out. We won’t change the payment plan after you submit your order. You are to always have a valid payment method, especially during your payment plan. If there’s a declined charge, you have a 10-day grace period to update your payment details.

  • Ticket holder knows that the amenities a Producer/Promoter promises are not guaranteed by Best Comedy Tickets and are not subject to refund. This includes celebrity guests, special areas, express entry, gifts, drink specials, and VIP amenities.
  • The promoter reserves the right to admission to the event venue and may take safety, health, security, and environmental concerns at their discretion. They may, from time to time, perform security searches as well. Best Comedy Tickets advises that there are no refunds for those who are ejected or refused entry to the venue because they arrived late, are underage, abusive, drunken, threatening, in possession of illegal substances or weapons, or making unauthorized video, audio, or recording.

Minimizing Fraud

  • To protect both parties and minimize fraud, you will provide other information after booking to verify your purchase.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your order if we notice a high-risk or potential fraud. We carry out multiple checks to ascertain the possibility of fraud. This includes requests provided with original debit or credit card statements, checks on IP addresses, attempts to telephone, etc.
  • You agree that you won’t contact Best Comedy Tickets to seek an exchange or refund from Best Comedy Tickets. You also will not seek a chargeback from the company of the credit card you use to purchase Best Comedy Tickets. We will cancel your tickets if you do so and won’t honor any future ticket purchases from all your credit cards or online accounts.
  • When you other tickets from Best Comedy Tickets, use one browser or tab to place your order. Using multiple browsers or tabs will cause you to lose your ticket, purchase the wrong ticket type, and timer expiration, and we won’t take responsibility for any of this.


  • Be sure to read every piece of information, especially those that apply to booking tickets. Take proof of age along with you to the venue of the event.


  • Review other customers to ensure that you have selected the right ticket type, seat choice, and event. Suppose you don’t receive a confirmation after submitting your payment information or experience an error message. In that case, it is your responsibility to contact Best Comedy Tickets Customer Support to confirm your order. Best Comedy Tickets will not take responsibility for any loss if you do not contact to confirm your order.

Additional Terms of Purchase


  • It is your responsibility to inform Best Comedy Tickets if you change your email address, address, or phone number before or after receiving the goods. Also, note that we prefer customers booking online to contact us via email. So be sure to use a valid email address.
  • Best Comedy Tickets sells tickets on behalf of the Producer/Promoter of the event. Therefore, we are not responsible for prices or seat availability. Remember that tickets to popular events sell out quickly, and in some cases, there may be additional tickets before the event. Best Comedy Tickets is not in control of this availability or inventory. Sometimes, Best Comedy Tickets or other distribution channels may get additional tickets for distribution, which may be better than those sold on Best Comedy Tickets. You may get lower offers for these tickets unlike what we offer.


  • Even though we may give you specific seats, the venue or theatre reserves the right to change seating locations.


  • Unless we state otherwise, you are to pick Will Call Tickets at the event. You won’t get a refund for tickets you leave at Will Call. Start and end times are also subject to change, and they are nonrefundable. You are to tender the original credit card you used to purchase the ticket and a valid ID. Will Call will accept a clear picture if you cannot present any of these.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders returned as undeliverable after shipping.


Best Comedy Tickets is on Facebook and allows other Facebook users to interact and share with friends using Facebook Connect. If you log into Best Comedy Tickets through Facebook, we will link your Best Comedy Tickets account with your Facebook account. If you proceed with this, you give us permission to access your Facebook profile. We will use your information according to Facebook terms and Privacy Statement. After you connect Best Comedy Tickets to your Facebook, you will be able to send posts automatically to your Facebook. Check your Facebook privacy settings to manage your account performance.

Need additional help? Don’t hesitate to contact Best Comedy Tickets Customer Support, and we’ll see how we can help you.

Release of liability: Best Comedy Tickets is not affiliated with any event sponsors or events and will not be responsible for any damages or losses from your participation in the events. This includes injury claims, damage to property, and negligence on the event sponsors or the events. Completing your order releases and forever discharges us from any claims of damage that may result from attending the event.


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