Written by Grant Reed: From Chris Rock to Adam Sandler, the second fiddle of New York baseball could fill a dugout with A-List Comedians—ones who love to embrace suffering

Why Stand-up Comedians Love the Mets

The 2015 MLB playoff-bound New York Mets may see some A-list comics in the stands during their games against the Los Angeles Dodgers. From Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock to Jon Stewart, here’s why comedians love the Mets.

Mets Win! – or something phenomenal like that …This Friday the mets will face the L.A. dodgers in a rare event, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the unlikely union of planet niburu smashing into pre-earth to create what we have now, or the parting of the red sea.  Ok so maybe it hasn’t been that long since they’ve seen a penant  – only 15 years… And certainly a little bit of a wait since the series win.    However, that’s what its all about; existence in the face of seeming randomness and futility.  But fans aren’t going home just yet, and actually would probably prefer to stay at the ball park.

Its been a long time running gag, that the NY Mets are so incredibly Grecian in their dominance of the sport, that they have attracted and been the heart blood of such poignant artists of our day, such as Jerry Sienfeld, Chris Rock, Kevin James , and a whole slew of other  famous  brilliant minds making up an alter ego doppelganger team cheering back from the seats.   Redemption and elation for the fans (and for the team I’m sure) comes in the form of such powerful conviction and demi-god-ish fandom, from such humanistic people that make up this cult following, that one cannot help but be drawn to the vaudeville taste of it all and, of course,  archetypal beauty represented by the spirit of their devotion.

The tragic team ( and I don’t know why its tragic, I mean, come on, they play professional baseball) has cornered the market on die hard fans, despite not being the Mr. Universe’s of the Baseball world, and kick ass while doing it.  Some of the biggest and best comedians in the world grace the bleachers of this  team  – Keith Hernandez, Jim Breuer, Jon Stewart, … hell Bill Maher even invested/owned part of em for a while.  Why put such love into a rough and tumble stray like this? Because its about the loveability of people who didn’t get everything , all the benefits.  Imagine the great times these people are having at the games. I’m sure we would be lucky to have graced a rubbing of elbows , a sharing of the stars, with these titans of entertainment – just as much as they would consider it a good look to be sharing it with you.   Or maybe they’d tell you to blow it out your pie hole(ass?).

 Cheers to beers, peanuts  and popcorn, ball park franks and Mets win!

Celebrity Mets Fans

In case you think us mere mortals are alone, here is a lengthy list of celebrities that root for New York Mets.

Some may surprise you. Can you think of any that might have been omitted?

List of comedians

Adam Sandler
Jerry Seinfeld
Ben Stiller
Chris Rock
Jimmy Kimmel
Jon Stewart
Ray Romano
Kevin James
Jim Breuer
John Leguizamo
Stephen Colbert
John Oliver (Daily Show)
Mick Foley (WWE)