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Enjoy A Night Out Seeing Live Comedy in New York City This Week

If you want to have a fun night out with friends or loved ones, NYC comedy clubs is the best choice. This city has been the center of live stand-up and improv comedy. An ideal way to enjoy in NYC is to watch stand-up comedy. It is home to numerous talented and popular comedians who will leave you spellbound with their hilarious jokes and punch lines. With so many comics, choosing the best is a challenging and risky task. To help you enjoy the best stand-up comedy, we have listed NYC live comedy shows for this week.

Read on to find more about the live comedy schedule.

Saturday- 14th April 2018

Time: 9:00 PM

Venue: Broadway Comedy Club New York- Red Room

If you want to have a fun time in New York City this week, you should head to the Broadway Comedy Club New York. This is a popular live NYC comedy club that offers stand-up and improve comedy shows every night of the week. The club was established in 2003 and is located in the center of Times Square. Al Martin is the founder of this club and a renowned comedian. He performed on many shows including Evening At The Improve and The Joan Rivers. He has headlined numerous national shows.

After this, he decided to open the doors of a comedy club in new york city this week. The first club he started was New York Comedy Club in 1988. He wanted to provide a platform for fellow comics, so they can start their careers. Since then, this club has introduced many top comedians.

This live NYC comedy complex has 3 showrooms; one main room, a small showroom, and a café. The club is famous for national-grade comedy. Every night is filled with the original and funny riffs. The famous comics take the mic to make sure everyone has a great time. In every room, the menu features various kinds of food, from burgers to nachos to fries. The bartenders pour out your favorite drink, so you can laugh the night away. The comics who mostly perform at the club include:

  • Caroline Rhea
  • Tim Allen
  • Tracy Morgan

Moreover, it is an amazing club showcasing the best talent and this is the reason it has grabbed the attention of many comedians. This club has been used for the auditions of several shows such as Tonight Show, Just For Laughs, Comedy Central, and Letterman. Some of the celebrities who visit the club includes:

  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Jay-Z
  • Beyoncé
  • Andre Aggasi
  • Jimmy Fallon

Whether you want to take your family or friends, this comedy club is a wonderful way to laugh the night away. You will have an excellent experience of laughter. This Saturday the clubs presents a great opportunity to see the most talented and popular comics performing. The performers include:

Erin Jackson

Avail this opportunity to see the famous Erin Jackson performing Live Comedy in New York City this week. She aims to take over the stand-up comedy world with her jokes. She has been featured on many shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live at Gotham, Conan, and Gotham Comedy Live. With her big smile, she will ensure you have a fun time.

DC Benny

Another popular comic who will be taking the mic is DC Benny. This comedian has been performing stand-up comedy at various NYC comedy clubs. He was hired to write two commercial campaigns for Comedy Central. This led to Benny signing deals with NBC and ABC. He created the pilot for the show People Who Live in MY Building. Since then, he has been performing live comedy in numerous clubs.  So, head down to the Broadway club this Saturday to enjoy his funny stories.

Ronnie Wilkerson

Ronnie Wilkerson is an experienced and talented comedian who has gone through a lot. This has helped him form thought-provoking comments on various topics. He has worked with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler. Ronnie is considered as the best secret of New York City. He has an exceptional humor that will bring you back for more jokes.

Clayton Fletcher

Clayton is a famous comic who has been performing live stand-up comedy in different NYC comedy clubs. He has been featured on Comedy Awards, Sex and the City, Gotham Comedy Live, Who’s Laughing Now, Comedy Brew, and Your Business. His provocative and clean comedy will make you cry from laughing so hard.

Hence, go to the Broadway club and have the best time of your life.

Comedy Ticket Link: Broadway Comedy Club.

Sunday- 15th April 2018

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: EastVille Comedy Club

Are you looking for an activity that will rejuvenate and refresh you? Watch Live Comedy in New York City this week. This is an easy way to have a laugh and enjoy a drink. The intimate setting of the club is perfect for making sure you have a great time. The club provides an amazing opportunity to see the most hilarious and experienced comics live. The environment of the club is outstanding that every customer will enjoy. The club is popular for providing a platform to the greatest up and comers of NYC.

Furthermore, the club is famous for open mic nights. This enables the comics to practice their skills. The EastVille Comedy Club is a spacious club that can accommodate 150 people. The club has a small stage with cocktail tables and high-back chairs. The menu of the club features everything from popcorn to shrimp.

This Sunday, head to the EastVille Comedy Club and spend a night out with your loved ones or friends. You will have a wonderful time drinking beer or cocktail and watching live NYC comedy show. It is the best way to have a night full of laughter and original jokes. The comics who will be coming to the stage are:

  • Jordan Carlos
  • James Mattern
  • Jacob Williams

Jordan Carlos

It is a great chance to see the amazing and skilled Jordan Carlos live in NYC comedy clubs.  He has appeared on The Colbert Report and co-hosts a show Me-TV on Nickelodeon. Carlos worked in an advertising agency but left the job to become a professional stand-up comedian. He will make you laugh the night away with his black man jokes.

James Mattern

Another finest comics to appear in the club is James Mattern. He is a well-known national headliner and radio star. James became one of the most loved Emcee’s in New York City. He has been featured on various TV shows including Garbage Time with Katie Nolan.

Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams is a top comic who has been performing stand-up comedy for many years. He made his television debut on America’s Got Talent and reached Semifinals. He appeared on the show Adam Devine’s House Party and series Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘n Out.

So, head to the Eastville Comedy Club this Sunday and don’t miss the chance to see Live Comedy in New York City this week by the finest comics.

Comedy Ticket Link: EastVille Comedy Club.

Monday- 16th April 2018

Time: 9:45 PM

Venue: Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Looking for a relaxing activity? Go to the comedy club and forget about your tensions for the night. One of the best NYC comedy clubs is Greenwich Village Comedy Club. After the success of Al Martin’s other clubs, he introduced Greenwich Village Comedy Club. This has been bringing new talent into the comedy club. It is a mix of top headliners and soon going to be famous comedians. Al Martin is the King of New York Comedy and he made NYC the World capital of comedy.

In 2012, Greenwich Village Comedy Club opened its door in NYC. This is a wonderful club that provides a great opportunity to the finest comics to perform and fill the room with laughter. It is famous for the cultural diversity, numerous comics can perform.

At the club, you can enjoy live NYC comedy by top comics along with sliders, nachos, desserts, and cocktails. There is a huge chance that you might run into a star as many celebrities visit the club to have a fun night.

If you want to have the best night, you should head to Greenwich Village Comedy Club. Each night the well-known comics grace the stage with their presence. The club presents you a great opportunity to see the best comics before they get their big break. Some of the comedians who will be taking the mic on Monday are:

Allan Finn

Allan Finn is the true star of stand-up comedy. Allan is a considered as the multi-cultural comedian as he can easily relate to all the viewers, irrespective of the age. He will make sure you laugh out loud and every minute is filled with humor. You can even chat with him after the show, he is a smart and nice guy. Finn has an insight and powerful wit in all the topics.

Brian Jian

One of the best comics to be taking the stage will be Brian Jian. He has won the hearts of the crowd through his performance ranging from personal to the observational material. Brian performs all over New York in clubs and colleges. Every minute you spend in the club will be filled with laughter and joy.

Pat Dixon

This comic was a victim of the grave tragedy, he was almost murdered in 2004. After the tragedy, he started a show “ The New York City Crime Report with Pat Dixon”. This show focuses on criminal activities along with humor. He has appeared on many shows including Premium Blend, and The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Ali Kolbert

Ali is a great comedian who has been working as an NBC Page at 30 Rock. She worked on many popular shows such as The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. Now, she performs stand-up live NYC comedy at Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

If you want to spend a quality time with your friends or loved ones, head to the Greenwich Village Comedy Club this Monday.

Comedy Ticket Link: Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

Tuesday- 17th April 2018

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Stand Up NY Comedy Club

Are you in search of the best live NYC comedy show? There are many stand-up comedy shows in NYC, not all of them are good. The Stand Up NY Comedy Club is a famous club that brings the top comedians under one roof to fill the room with their unique humor and laughter.

This club is one of the oldest comedy clubs, which was established in the year 1986. The club is prominent for delivering an extraordinary comedic experience. This club has been the starting point in the career of many top comics, from Chris Rock to Jon Stewart.

The club is located in the heart of Upper West Side of Manhattan. The club was renovated recently to add a VIP room that features latest media capabilities. It is a great platform for both, up and comers and top comedians to showcase their comedic skills.

On Tuesday, visit the Stand Up NY Comedy Club and have a great time. Since the club only features popular comedians, it is a great way to experience true laughter and comedy. Few of the comics who will be taking the mic are:

Joyelle Johnson

Joyelle Johnson is an energetic comedian who is a hilarious and polished comedian. She is a generous, kind, and super-funny person who brings joy in the lives of people every night. For her, comedy is her religion and she heals people with her hilarious riffs and fills the room with laughter.

Dan Soder

This Tuesday, Dan is coming to perform on stage to make everyone in the room laugh out loud. He is a great comedian; best known as Mafee, on the series Billions. He has appeared on many shows, his stand-ups are available on Netflix.

Aaron Berg

Another comic performing on Tuesday will be Aaron Berg. He is a famous comic who has featured in many shows. The most popular work of Aaron is 24 Hour Rental. Berg made his debut in 2016 on “This is Not Happening”. He has also made an appearance on “Live At Gotham”. Aaron loves making laugh with his humor and this is why he performs live in NYC comedy clubs.

Nathan Macintosh

One of the youngest award-winning comedians from Halifax Nova Scotia is Nathan. He has been performing on various platforms including Just For Laughs Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, and Halifax Comedy Festival. He won the Canadian Comedy Award in 2009. He is one of the 5 Caucasian comics who has headlined the ‘All Black Comedy Revue’.  So, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to listen to the hilarious stories and experiences of Nathan.

Hence, take your loved ones or go alone and have a pleasant night filled with humor and drinks.

Comedy Ticket Link: Stand Up NY Comedy Club.

Wednesday- 18th April 2018

Time: 9:15 PM

Venue: New York Comedy Club

Whether you want to relax or spend quality time with your loved ones, see Live Comedy in New York City this week. This was the first club that was opened by Al Martin in the year 1989. This club was established to present a great chance to all the comedians to give a successful start to their career. In 1997, it was the only club with 2 showrooms. After the success of this club, Al established other NYC comedy clubs.

Do you want to try something new and different? Go to the comedy club to see stand-up comedy. This Wednesday head to the New York Comedy Club to have a fun time and laugh the night away. The club presents a night featuring the Robby Slowik, Matt Richards, Nikki Glaser, and Ricky Velez. This show is unique as the comics take the stage and talk about the topic suggested by the audience.

Robby Slowik

Robby Slowik is a talented comic who started standup in Tampa and moved to Los Angeles. Now, he performs all over the country, especially in NYC comedy clubs. He was a finalist in the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. Ricky can be seen and heard on Spotify, Sirius, Pandora, and Hulu.

Ricky Velez

Don’t miss the chance to see the live performance by Ricky Velez in NYC. He was named among the “10 Comics to Watch”. Ricky has appeared on the Netflix’s show “Master of None”. According to the Caroline’s Comedy Club, he was considered as the “ NYC’s Funniest Comedian”.

Matt Richards

One of the most talented comedians is Matt. He was raised on the streets of Queens. He often used comedy to protect himself from the gangsters and bullies. He is a hypnotist, magicians, and an actor. Over the last 7 years, he has worked on many shows; he is well-known for Joking off.

Get your ticket and take this opportunity to have a night filled with hilarious jokes and humor.

Comedy Ticket Link: New York Comedy Club

Thursday- 19th April 2018

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Comic Strip Live Comedy Club

Are you thinking of doing something unique this week? Head to a comedy club and have an authentic experience of hilarity and amusement. The Comic Strip Live Comedy Club is one of the oldest comedy clubs in NYC. In 1975, the club was opened with Legend in Lights. This club was ranked as the “longest running comedy club”.

Every night, the finest comics of the NYC take the stage and fill the room with laughter. This club was the starting place for their career. Comic Strip Live is known for giving a chance to up and comers for showcasing their magic. The club has a small menu with a full bar and warm showroom that audiences appreciate.

So, this Thursday go to the Comic Strip Live Comedy Club and have a true NYC comedic experience. Here are some of the comedians performing on Thursday.

  • JJ
  • Tom Van Horn
  • Brian McFadden
  • Cory Kahaney
  • Mike Vecchione

Tom Van Horn

Tom has been performing stand-up comedy since 1993. He became a regular performer in the NYC comedy clubs. Tom appeared in numerous TV commercials and writes for US Weekly Magazine and Friars Roasts.

Cory Kahaney

Another great comedian in NYC who appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, America’s Got Talent and Catskills on Broadway. She is a regular on Fox & Friends, The View, and The Mom. Cory had specials on HBO and Comedy Central.

Therefore, hurry up and get the ticket before you miss the chance to hear the hilarious stories of the finest comedians in new york city this week.

Comedy Ticket Link: Comic Strip Live.

Friday- 20th April 2018

Time: 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM

Venue: Dangerfield, 1st Avenue between 61st and 62nd streets

If you want to enjoy a night away from tensions of life, head to Dangerfield Comedy Club. This is a staple comedy club and is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In the year 1969, the club opened its door in NYC by Anthony Bevacqua and Rodney Dangerfield.

This club is famous because of its high standard. Every night top headliners take the mic and make sure audiences have a great time. The club has marked the beginning of the careers of many great comedians. The comics performing on the stage have appeared on many TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel, Tonight Show, Comedy Central, and The Late Show. Many celebrities have performed on the stage of the club including Jim Carrey, Tim Allen, Chris Rock, and Jay Leno.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy a stress-free night, go to Dangerfield Comedy Club. The comics will make sure you don’t have even a minute of boredom. The finest comics will fill the room with humor, so you can have an amusing and fun time.

So, don’t miss this wonderful chance to see the top comedians and have the best night of your life in new york city this week.

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A Final Word

Thus, live NYC comedy shows are an ideal way to fully enjoy the city. Watching stand-up comedy is an enthralling experience that everyone should try once in a lifetime. New York City is the hub of the best comics, it is the perfect place to enjoy a night filled with hilarious stories and laughter. Whether you want to go on a date or just need to leave your troubles behind, the perfect option is to see live Comedy in New York City this week. So, visit our website today to take advantage of the best deals on all the finest comedy shows.