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On The Outside Looking In: About Me and The Objectification of Women In Standup Comedy, Article #1

Written by
Mike Shvenderman

Bonjour! Ca va bien?

A little bit about me, I’m not French by any means but I learned how to be fake thanks to my peers. My generation is full of fake humanitarians and horseshit idealists pretending like their meaningless blog posts and stupid fucking opinions are changing the world when in reality they most certainly aren’t. I love to be the bearer of bad news so here it is; NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU OR ME. Hopefully I don’t come off as a pessimist. These people have taught me several valuable lessons: words are truly meaningless; news reporting is dead; and that a middle-upper class white female CAN in fact exploit the problems of minority groups for a profit! Meanwhile Santa Clause is still not real, life isn’t fair. read more

Trevor Noah: A Wildcard Host for The Daily Show on Comedy Central

By James Lang April 1, 2015

trevor noah

Following Jon Stewart’s departure announcement on  February 10, 2015,  Comedy Central gave the official  word  on Monday (March 30, 2015) that  Trevor Noah  would be  taking over as host for The Daily Show. Jon  Stewart has  been credited with not only developing a  top-rated show  in a tough times a lot,  but creating the  category itself.  Sure, Saturday Night Live has done their  “Weekend  Update” for a number of years, but there hadn’t been a dedicated  satirical news show prior to Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show along with its sister program The Colbert Report. So, to say that Trevor Noah has some big shoes to fill would be an absolute understatement. read more

Watch John Oliver Proves Daylight Saving Time; reminds us that cows are “idiots”

John Oliver Stupid Cows

Why Do We Still Have Daylight Savings? John Oliver Has No Idea !

Are you feeling a little groggy this morning ? Well you’re not the only one — people from around the world are Coping to pick themselves out of their bed thanks to daylight saving time, that happened to push back the clock 1 hour forward on Sunday night.

Comedian John Oliver talked on the issue on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” last weekend. and if you agree that daylight saving time helps the farmers, your not alone. But you’re also wrong.

Allegedly, it was popularized as a fuel saving measure in Germany at the time of World War I. and admitting it may have worked for Kaiser Wilhelm, It isn’t actually very effective in contemporary world and sparks and increase automobile accidents and other job related injuries. read more