Ajai Raj

You can count on Ajai Raj for two things: being confused by the world and turning his confusion into belly laughs for audiences.

With a blend of personal anecdotes, sharp observations about social and political issues, and absurd non-sequiturs, all delivered with disarming wit and charm, Ajai has become a frequent performer at some of the best venues in the city, including the Laughing Devil Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, and The Stand NYC.

Raised in suburban Texas by Indian immigrants, Ajai’s sense of humor developed as a response to the absurdity of never quite fitting in.

His unique style and stage presence has gotten the attention of audiences and seasoned headliners alike and earned him a spot in the highly competitive Boston Comedy Festival in 2014.

Recently, Ajai began hosting the Kabin Fever Open Mic and Comedy Show, which has quickly become one of the hottest spots in the city for performers to workshop new material.

Ajai’s comedy continues to evolve constantly, as he pushes himself to perform more frequently and write new material, including standup, sketch, and comedy for television.

His goal as a performer is to provide an unpredictable experience for each audience while remaining consistently entertaining and enlightening.

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