Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore is a comedian and writer hailing from West Philadelphia, now residing in New York. While working toward a bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University, at age 18, Anthony was recruited to host the school’s talent show. It was at this point, Anthony realized he had a true gift for humor and a strong passion for comedy.

Onstage, he finally felt at home.

Soon after, he quickly became well-known on Philadelphia’s comedy circuit.

Anthony was selected by Hartbeat Productions and Comedy Central to represent Philadelphia on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central show, Hart of the City. Within the past year, Anthony has made the transition to the New York comedy scene and has become a regular at the world famous, Comedy Cellar. Since joining the club, he has had to follow top comedians on stage such as Louis C.K. and Judd Apatow and also to perform on shows alongside Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. More recently, Anthony has been invited to the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal to film for Kevin Hart’s LaughOutLoud network. This rising star is looking forward to a promising career in entertainment.

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