Erik Terrell

Erik Terrell is a big kid with a big heart. His love for the stage began in his freshman year at Hampton University in 2009 as he landed a supporting role in “A Love to Call My Own” and “Dreamgirls” in both a sophomore and junior years.

He’d become President of the “Hampton Players” by his junior year.

After giving Stand-Up a shot on summer vacation after sophomore year at Hampton, Erik quickly adopted a new identity as a not only actor but a Stand-Up Comedian.

In college, Erik hosted and performed on most of Hampton University’s Homecoming and Spring Fest Comedy shows.

After graduating college in 2013, he returned home to Philadelphia where he was soon picked up by Helium Comedy Club where he’s opened for Dick Gregory, Sam Morril, Dov Davidoff, Godfrey, Mark Normand, DeRay Davis, Arnez J, etc.

He then quickly began headlining venues along the East Coast and working at various New York Comedy Clubs including Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, etc.

Erik’s top prize-winning performance at the Conshy Comedy Fest in 2017 was instrumental in fueling a series of fortune for his Stand-Up career.

In 2018, Erik headlined and produced his own show at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and performed at both the Asheville Comedy Festival and Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI.

He filmed for Comedy Time TV in LA, and Carolines on Broadway featured Erik on “Carolines Presents”, showcasing him as one of New York’s best breakout comics.

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