Jessica Levin

Jessica Levin is a theatre actress failure, I95 explorer, Dolphin Safari guide turned Garde Manger (fancy language for a salad maker and dessert maker), turned FIlm/Tv Production Assistant /AD, now comedian residing in Queens, NY. Co-producer of Tough Love Comedy at Eastville Comedy Club and Fowl Mouth at Greenpoint Brewery. You can find me either on the stage or near the bar and stuffing my face as long as it’s before 9pm. My feeding window is from 1 to 9.

Most common Quarantine activity:

Watched a lot of Films ..not a big TV show person and reading a lot of plays. I’m a theatre nerd.. Plays not so many musicals. And getting blacked out drunk with friends (especially my comedy buddies ) on zoom. Which is great cause you don’t lose anything.. but maybe some years on the back end.

Favorite quarantine show/movies:

I dug “The Midnight Gospel” on Netflix. And that JORDAN DOC… “The Last Dance”

For films, I watched a lot of Criterion Channel. Mostly Kirosawa and Hitchcock Films.

Also films by John Cassavettes. I love him and watched a lot of films with him and by him. A Woman Under the Influence, Mikey and Nicky, Gloria… these films had a profound effect on me during quarantine.

Fav Ig Accounts:

@mylothecat @bronx_antics @barstoolsports @sea @nytcooking @britishmemes @artfromjapan @capeology (I dream of owning a house on the Cape) @kidsgettinghurt (relax they are fine . They walk it off) @nflmemes_ig @pubityearth @kyledunnigan1

Fav quarantine meal/drink:

Meal: I love food. It’s my love language.. but one thing I learned was how to make a stromboli. Homemade pizza dough is the shit as long as you have a pizza stone. And Drink: Let the red wine flowth…I also have a Polar water obsession..ok an occasional white Russian.

The most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

I don’t know. …. I still can’t believe after all the bullshit and agony The Eagles traded Weintz for a 3rd round draft pick. WHY? They should not have gotten rid of Pederson (coach). LAUGHING STOCK ..makey no sensy …

First thing you do when isolation is over…

TRAVEL.. Do comedy across this Country and The World. Get ready friends in Berlin, Tokyo, and London, I’m coming for your asses.

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