Justin Williams

A Kansas City native, Justin Williams has performed at comedy festivals across the United States and Canada.  He has also been featured on Comedy Central’s Jokes.comMashable, SiriusXM radio, The Elite Daily, Men’s Health Magazine, The Kansas City Star, ‘Morning Buzz Live‘ on VH1, ‘Trial by Laughter’ on Comcast, ‘Laughs’ on Fox and ‘The Comedy Show Show” on Seeso.

Justin released his debut comedy film, “Justin Williams: Black and Comfortably Middle-Class.” It has screened at the Philadelphia Independent, Best Shorts (Award of Merit for Humor), and Friars Club Comedy Film Festivals.  In 2016,  Just released the humorous documentary “Newark: The Comedy,” which screened at the 2016 Atlantic City Cinefest.  In 2017, Justin’s album “Mostly Woke” debuted as a best seller for comedy recordings on Amazon.

In 2018, Justin became co-host of Why Your Train is F*cked, a monthly comedy show about the history of the MTA.

If you send Justin an email, he will come to your house.

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