Sonja Savanovic

Originally from Serbia (former Yugoslavia), Sonja came to New York in 2011 to pursue a career in graphic design. Her job required a great amount of creative writing which led Sonja to practice writing any way she can which helped her with becoming more fluent in English and eventually becoming a lead graphic designer and a creative writer for the company she worked at. 

Sonja’s sense of humor has always been incorporated into her work and in 2014 she decided to take comedy classes at Manhattan Comedy School and Gotham Comedy Club Workshop to test the waters of stand up comedy. 

From the first time she stepped on the stage she fell in love with the art of stand up comedy which inspired her to not just perform but to also become a comedy writer for Comedywire (2014) and start a comedy production, Comedians on the loose, LLC (2016) with her fellow comic and a good friend Eddie Gamez. 

Two of them created one of the most popular open mics and shows all over New York with a residency at Gotham Comedy Club, a well-renowned club from New York that features only the best pro and emerging comics in the industry. 

Inspired by the works of Joan Rivers, Dave Attell, Kathleen Madigan, and Jessica Kirson, Sonja formed into an energetic comedian and host known for her snarky jokes, loud and friendly demeanor, and crowd work. Her Eastern European accent is charming and, as people like to tell her often, scary. She was told that she sounds like a character from 1980’s vampire movies.

Sonja shares her thoughts on pretty much everything, just ask her family who is constantly worried about her safety. Her parents were raised in a communist Yugoslavia and the only advice they gave her is “Write my child, just be careful, don’t get caught.” She is still trying to explain to them the concept of stand up comedy. It’s an ongoing battle but her family is supporting her dream to become the first internationally know Serbian-American stand-up comedian. 

In 2017, Sonja’s competitive drive inspired her to create a comedy competition called Red Mic Battle. Red Mic Battle is a tournament in stand-up comedy, crowd work, and roasting. Two co-ed teams are going against each other competing in these 3 categories. Check the review for the Red Mic Battle done by Stellar Underground. 

Sonja was featured on FOX34, Good Morning Texas (KLVT Radio), !00% comedy show on MNN, New Media Company and Comedy Mob Festival, and is performing all over the United States and Toronto, Canada. 

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