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A Complete Guide to Live Comedy In New York City

Are you looking for shows of live comedy in New York City this week? New York City is the hub of the best comedians. There is no better city to have an enthralling experience of amazing live comedy performances than NYC. There are numerous comics that will leave their audience spellbound with their hilarious jokes and outstanding performances. With so many rising talents, finding the best is a difficult task. Although NYC is known for good comedy, there are many comedy shows that will put you off from seeing stand up comedy until the next lifetime. This is because nobody wants to see a low-grade show.

To make it easy for you to find the best comics, we have created the list of the best shows scheduled for this week. You can watch the incredible stand-up comedians from your home or go out to the best NYC Comedy Clubs to witness outstanding performances.

Read on to find amazing stand-up and improv comedy shows in New York City.

Wednesday- 28th March 2018

Time: 9:00 PM

Venue: Broadway Comedy Club New York- Main Room

All-Star Stand Up Comedy

If you want to go down the nitty gritty of comedy, Broadway Comedy Club is the right place. The club was started in 2005 and has become a top NYC Live comedy club. The club has excellent showrooms with a serene café. The comedy club is conveniently located in the Times Square at 318 West 53rd Street.

This NYC comedy club contains 3 showrooms, in the main room nearly 225 people can be seated. Moreover, in the small room, over 70 guests can be accommodated. The entertainment facility features various comics. Some of the most famous comics seen include Comedy Central, Letterman, MTV, and Tonight Show. Many popular comics have performed in the club like Dave Attell, Tracy Morgan, Whitney, and many more.

About The Show and Club:

Broadway Comedy Club offers you an exciting opportunity to see the top headliners perform. If you want to get away from the stressful life, visit the Broadway Comedy Club this Wednesday. The show features top comics that will make you cry from laughing so hard. You can enjoy a scrumptious meal and tasty mixed drinks to every night. If you want to have a wonderful night filled with laughter, visit the Broadway Comedy Club. The comedians featuring in this show are:

  • Marina Franklin
  • Yamaneika Saunders
  • Dustin Chafin

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Time: 11:00 PM

Venue: Broadway Comedy Club New York– Main Room

All-Star Stand Up Comedy

If you want to watch marvelous standup comedy this Wednesday, head to Broadway Comedy Club. The club offers an amazing chance to see the top headliners spread smiles. In this show, famous stand-up comedians will perform to make sure you enjoy the night. With tasty food and drinks, you can laugh the night away. The comics performing include:

  • Erik Bransteen
  • Mike King
  • Allan Finn
  • Michael Harrison
  • KC Arora
  • Mike Lemme
  • Sam Rubinoff

If you interested in the stand-up comedy, get the tickets for the show from Don’t miss this chance of the fun night.

Comedy Ticket Link: Broadway Comedy Club

Thursday 29th March 2018

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Comic Strip Live Comedy Club, 1568 2nd Avenue, New York

About the Show:

If you wish to have an entertaining night, head to the Comic Strip Live Comedy Club. This NYC live comedy club is popular for nightlife, comedy, and entertainment. Since its inception in 1975, many leading name and legend comics started from this club. It is an open every night and it is the perfect platform for fresh and young stand-up comedians. At the club, you can have wonderful drinks and enjoy luscious food while you laugh away every night. Many famous stars have appeared on stage at this club such as Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, and Jerry Seinfeld. They offer four headliners on any night and only professional comics entertain the audience.

Do you want to have a fun night in NYC? There is no better way to have a fun night than going to NYC comedy clubs. Seeing a comic perform is a great way to make sure you leave all your troubles behind. To enjoy NYC Live comedy go to Comic Strip Club this Thursday and have the best night of your life. You can have a great time at the club when the professional and skilled comedians are performing. You will be in for original and creative jokes and funny punch lines. This is the perfect place to get rid of stress after a demanding and tiring day. This will help you forget all the frustrations of your job. The comedians performing in the club are:

  • Mark Riccadonna
  • Liz Liele
  • Tom Van Horn
  • Mike Burton

If you haven’t enjoyed their humor, you are not out of luck. Whether you want to go on a date night or on a night out with friends, Comic Strip Live Comedy Club is the best place for entertainment.

Comedy Ticket Link: Comic Strip Live

Francisco Aldorando Family Friendly Show

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: LOL Times Square Comedy Club

About the Show:

If you are interested in a stand-up comedy and want to spend quality time with your family, head to the LOL Times Square Comedy Club.

LOL is a new comedy club in the middle of Times Square. The club was created as a project of Roy Arias Stages. It was a four-floor studio that has now transformed into the best comedy club in the heart of Times Square. This is a wonderful place for having a night of laughter and entertainment. Locals and tourists alike come to the club for creating memorable moments that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Moreover, the comedy club is the perfect place to perform for both the locals and out of town comics. There are almost 30 shows a week and every night there is an entertainment for the whole family. If you are looking for an adult humor, LOL Times Square Comedy Club is the right choice.

This Thursday, go to the LOL Times Square Comedy Club for experience enthralling comedic performances by renowned comics. The comedians featuring in the show are:

  • Matt Ruby
  • Gary Levitt
  • Lucas Connolly
  • Ken Boyd
  • Eagle Witt

Whether you want to a create a great impression on your first date or want to bond with a friend, this show will be filled with laughter, fun, and exciting moments. Get the tickets for the show and have a pleasant night.

Comedy Ticket Link: LOL Times Square Comedy Club

Friday, 30th March 2018

Time: 8:30 PM, 10:30 PM

Venue: Dangerfield Comedy Club, 1st Avenue between 61st and 62nd streets

Dangerfield is a staple club for NYC Live comedy. The club has been rated as the top Comedy Club in the US. This is a longest running comedy club in the World. The Dangerfield club was home to many famous comedians that have appeared on many TV shows including The Late Show, Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel, and Tonight Show.

The Club was established in 1969 and since then only headliners have performed at the club. Moreover, most of the HBO’s comedy television specials were filmed at the club. There are numerous celebrities who have performed at this club include:

  • Tim Allen
  • Chris Rock
  • Jim Carey
  • Andrew Dice Clay

For having an amazing time and a night filled with humor, head to Dangerfield’s NYC Live comedy club. Seeing the world-class comics performing live will help you eradicate tension from your life. In today’s busy world, everyone has a hectic and tiring day. Their busy routine gets the best out of them. An easy way to unwind is to see the stand-up comedy and enjoy the jokes and puns. Every performer will make sure you don’t spend a minute without laughter.

Moreover, if you want to strengthen your bond with your loved ones or friends, you must visit the comedy club. This is an ideal club for having a fun night and enjoying the delicious food and extraordinary drinks.

Get your tickets and don’t miss a chance to see the best stand-up comedians.

Comedy Ticket Link: Dangerfield’s Comedy Club

Saturday 31st March 2018

Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: EastVille Comedy Club, 85 E 4th Street, New York

About the Show:

Do you want to spend a night that is free of all the hassles and tensions of life? When you visit the comedy club, you can have a night filled with hilarious punch lines and mind-blowing jokes. The EastVille Comedy Club is a located in the center of the Manhattan’s East Village. This club was introduced by the expert comics and experiences professional of the bar business. They provide you a chance to have a pleasant time at the club. The top names in stand-up comedy perform to create a fun environment.

Furthermore, the club has been featured in various motion pictures and TV shows. Sometimes, the star comedians give a surprise by dropping for a performance.

If you want to witness true laughter, go to the Eastville Comedy Club. There will be several New York’s finest, top comics, up and comers. Along with them, some special guests will make an appearance.

Head to the club and enjoy a night of entertainment and fun. You can have your favorite drink and listen to jokes by the best comedians.

Stand-up Comedy

Time: 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM

Venue: EastVille Comedy Club, 85 E 4th Street, New York

Looking for a unique and different thing to do on a date night? There is nothing better than going to NYC live comedy club for spending a wonderful time. You can have a drink with your date and the environment is perfect for setting the mood. The atmosphere of the club is filled with laughter that is great for a date. This will help you know your date better without even them realizing it.

The shows will feature the top comics including Jordan Carlos and Janeane Garofalo. Though the cast and format might be same, the show will be different. This is what is great about improv comedy, you will see something new and different every night. So, visit EastVille this Saturday and have an incredible time with your date. This is the perfect place for enjoyment, laughter, bonding, and fun moments with your loved ones that you will cherish forever.

Comedy Ticket Link: EastVille Comedy Club

Stand Up NY Showcase

Time: 10:00 PM

Venue: Stand Up NY Comedy Club

Take your friends or family to experience an authentic stand-up comedy experience. Stand Up Comedy Club presents an outstanding chance to see the top comics perform live. Everyone wants to relax and eradicate tensions from their life. This only possible with the Stand Up NY Showcase. Within seconds, you will be able to forget all the difficulties and troubles. Here are some of the comedians who will be performing:

  • Teddy Smith
  • Yamaneika Saunders
  • Andrew Schulz
  • James Mattern
  • Jared Freid

So, if you want to have a time filled with funny punch lines and jokes, book your tickets today. Hurry up and get the tickets before you miss your chance to have a remarkable experience.

Comedy Ticket Link: Stand Up NY Comedy Club

Sunday, 1st April, 2018

All-Star Stand Up Comedy

Time: 12:30 PM

Venue: Greenwich Village Comedy Club

If you want to relax and have entertainment at the same time, Greenwich Village Comedy Club is the best choice. The Greenwich Village Comedy Club is a wonderful way to get entertained by hilarious performances of top comics. This club is known for its cultural diversity. Every night broad range of comedians takes the stage to entertain the guests.

The Club was established in the year 2012 after the success of Broadway Comedy Club and New York Comedy Club. The downtown audience is entertained by the great comedians. The fans from all over the world visit the club to have moments filled with laughter and fun. This is a popular club that attracts many celebrities including Jimmy Fallon, Montel Williams, and Andre Aggasi.

Visit the Greenwich Village Comedy Club this Sunday to indulge in the thrilling comedic performances by famous comics. The best comedians will be performing with special guests from all over the country. They have appeared on TV on HBO, The Daily Show, Comedy Central, MTV, and many more. You will not have a minute of dullness in the club. The comedians will ensure you have a fun and amazing night.

All-Star Stand Up Comedy

Time: 9:45 PM

Venue: Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Are you fed up with your daily routine? This week do something different that will, for some time, take you away from your life. Head to the comedy club to have a fun night. Greenwich Village offers an excellent opportunity to see a lineup of headliners. The club brings together the best comedians of NYC along with special guests from all over the country. The comics have appeared on TV shows like The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, HBO, Last Comic Standing, and several more. If you want to spend a quality with some amazing people, head to Greenwich Village Club this Sunday. You will surely have the best time of your life. It is an ideal way to eliminate anxiety from your life. Going to the comedy club will help you relax. Bring your family or friends and have a great time.

Comedy Ticket Link: Greenwich Village Comedy Club

Monday 2nd April 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: New York Comedy Club

New York Comedy Club has been providing top-class comedy performances in Manhattan since its inception in 1989. The ownership of the club changed in 2014. This club now features greatest comics from NYC. The club has a bar with drinks available before and after the show. The entertainment of the night is doubled with special drinks served by the front bar.

Some of the famous comedians include:

  • Sarah Tollemache
  • James Mattern
  • Emma William
  • Ricky Velez
  • Mike Lawrence

Are you looking for an easy way to relax and get rid of the stress, visit the comedy club. New York Comedy Club with Interrobang provides the Comedy Records Showcase. There will be best comedic talents from New York and Toronto. The main performers will include:

  • James Mattern
  • Jay & Eytan
  • Jhanelle Dennis
  • Sandra Battaglini
  • Phil Luzi
  • Jesse Salomon
  • Nathan Macintosh

This is an excellent way for networking, you will meet like-minded people. You can learn some valuable lessons from other people that may help you advance in your career. Moreover, it is a good way to forget about the hassles of life.

Stand Up Comedy

Time: 9:15 PM

Venue: New York Comedy Club

After a long tiring day, everyone wants to unwind and relax. In order to relax and feel refreshed, some people go to comedy clubs. If you want to have a hilarious and fun experience, head to the New York Comedy Club on Monday. You will experience a standup comedy in an authentic NYC style. You are offered a special chance to see the finest comics in NYC. Sometimes, you can get a surprise of a drop in by a celebrity.

New York Comedy Club gives you a chance to see the best comedian including:

  • Matt Pavich
  • Nore Davis
  • Richie Redding
  • Sarah Tollemache

These comics will make sure you have a night filled with amusement and hilarity. Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to witness the world-class comedic performers live in NYC comedy clubs.

Comedy Ticket Link: New York Comedy Club

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Stand Up NY Comedy Club

Stand Up Comedy

If you want to get refreshed after a long and demanding day, head to the Stand Up NY. This club was started in 1986 and is now considered as the main comedy clubs. The club has been famous for introducing the top comedians. You can have an authentic stand-up comedy experience. The club was home to many well-known comics like Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock. This club provides a great platform for the stars of today and tomorrow.

Moreover, it is a great club that brings new and popular talents every night. The Stand-Up NY has emerged as the top entertainment hub for both tourists and locals. You can enjoy a scrumptious food along with special and original drinks. This is an ideal way to enhance the comedic experience where you can enjoy open mic nights and up and coming debuts. You will not have the same experience every day. Every night there is something new and unique.

Are you looking for a fun activity? The Stand-Up NY comedy club must be on the top of your list. This is an amazing way to spend a night out. Whether you are with a friend or family or significant other, you can enjoy the combination of food, drink, and laugh out loud. The Stand Up Comedy show will provide a one-of-a-kind experience. The comics appearing on the show are:

  • Monroe Martin
  • Leah Bonnema
  • Anthony Devito
  • Erin Jackson

So, get the tickets for the show today and avail this chance to have the time of your life.

Comedy Ticket Link: Stand Up NY Comedy Club

Best Place To Know About Live Comedy in New York City This Week

If you interested in stand up comedy and looking for best comedic performances, is the right choice. We have a list of top upcoming comedy shows that you should not miss. Finding a good comedy show in NYC is a challenging task. To make it easy to find a good show, we have listed the best shows for this week. So, look at the schedule and head out to the comedy club to see the performance of your favorite comic.

A Final Word

There you go, this is an extensive guide for Live Comedy in New York City This Week. Going to the comedy club is great for your health as it will help eliminate the stress from your life. It is a wonderful way to fun and spend a night filled with laughter. If you need more information or have any query, you can contact our customer support experts. So, go to our site to find the best deals on finest NYC live comedy shows and get ready to be blown away.